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My English sucks.


First thing first, I work at a bar in a small street.In the street, people know each other even they're from different bar or nightclubs. You see people you know in all nightclubs and bars you go. Yes, you'll see the person you hate in your favorite nightclub. Welcome to our street.



There's one dude. This dude often comes to our bar.

A while ago, he told me I gained and asked me if I'm pregnant.
I told him "Yes I'm pregnant and my baby's name is Jäger." Everyone at the bar knew that I do 20 ish Jägermeister shots every weekend so they were laughing but the dude started to say "Then why are you drinking!?" in really serious tone.
I was like "Dude, I'm joking. I'm a virgin. I can't be pregnant. I simply gained. I'm just being fat ass. Calm down."
He said "Yes, you're pregnant! Go see a doctor!"
I said "Dude, I'M A VIRGIN. If I'm pregnant now, that means I'm a next generation St. Mary and my baby is Jesus."
He kept saying that I'm pregnant.
Since this shit happened, I started to avoid him. 


Last night, he came to our bar and started to tell one of our bar staff that my name is not my real name. He was trying so hard to convince her. So she told him that she's seen my license before and he knows nothing about me but she does. But he kept saying that my ID, my name and everything about me is fake. 
After I finished work that night, I went to my favorite nightclub with my friend and we were drinking at the bar, buying shots to each other and bartenders. We were having fun.
But in 30 mins, the psycho came next to me and started drinking. I switched the position with my friend so my friend can be the wall between me and the psycho. In few mins, the psycho started to yell something. Of course we ignored him.
Then suddenly, he grabbed my hoodie and tried to drag me. I ignored him like treating a wasted asshole customer. I thought worse shit may happen if I react to what he's done. Then I don't know why, but he started to buy us a shot. WTF.


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