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6 Party Tips in Vegas (For Broke People)

1. Drink Before You Go Out

Buying drinks in Vegas is super expensive. The most expensive drink I ordered there was a screw driver that costs 20 bucks. I saw someone was charged 45 bucks for one shot of tequila. Get out the strip and go to liqure store. 

But don't get drunk too much. Securities are watching you being drunk on the line. They can refuse you to go inside even if you were waiting for an hour.

photo by Sam Howzit



2. Check the Event Schedule

Las Vegas EDM Event Calendar | Electronic Vegas

They got hip hop events information not only EDM events.

photo by Giandomenico Ricci



3. Put Your Name on a Guest List

Vegas has the most active club promoters. It doesn't matter when you text them. They'll text you back in 10 minuets. Let the promoter know your name, how many girls / boys are in your party, and the most importantly, tell him/her which club you want to go. 

Instagram is the easiest way to find promoters. Search hushtags with the name of the club you want to go. Like, #hakkasan #omnia #XSnightclub.

Some promoters are also promoting on the strip. Check their uniform and talk to them.

Girls never pay if you're on a guest list. Some clubs give you a drink ticket. That means you go in free, and drink free. But boys, they sometimes charge unbelievable price. Be careful.

Time limit of adding your name on a guest list is 7pm of the day.

Ask staffs where the guest list line is. You don't want to waste your time at the wrong line.

photo by afagen


4. Don't Go to a Club with Big Group.

People don't like a big group of customors. If you want to go with a big group more than three people, just make small group of two or three people inside the big group. It will make things easier. 

Three people are too many if you want to cut into clouds in front of DJ booth. Two would be the limit. HAVING FUN AND BEING RUDE IS NOT THE SAME, LET'S BEHAVE LIKE AN ADULT.


5. Girls, Go Party on Weekdays

If you found your promoter, that means you can go everywhere free. And some clubs give you drink tickets as I said before. But few bars got supecial offers for girls.

For example, I went to Marquee on Monday and they were doing open bar from 10pm to 11pm for girls. And Surrender on Wednesday, they gave me two drink tickets. (Say Hi to Gonzalo the best bartender they got)

photo by Hamza Daoui


6. Wait at the Sub Floor

Big clubs like Omnia and Hakkasan have two floors. Their main floors play EDM and the other floors play hip hop. If you are out to see a big name DJ, go to the main floor around 1:30. If you're in a party more than three, just go earlier of you'll try to go in front of DJ booth and get into a fight. That's lame. Just don't.

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