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5 Japanese Tattoo Fails by "Foreigners"

I'm confused guys. I am confused. And depressed at the same time. Why foreigners always have a weird Japanese tattoo which is super lame and obviously failed?


For people who don't know me, hey it's Hardison. I was born and raised in Japan, no one raised me in English, and that's why my English sucks but I wont't have a lame tattoo in English, like, "Tits Sexy Boom."

...Okay that was a bad example... Let's just start...




"Made in Japan"

......Are you sure? 





Wait what? ...WHY? 

Can a tomato be that important in your life? Is there THE tomato which saved your life or something? Like, like... I don't know. I don't know how a tomato can save your life. 




"Stupid Foreigner"

For sure.





Yup I think you need a bandaid to hide that shit. 





Dude, I don't know what to say. Why you wanted a huge "shit" on your ankle? Why? Wait, no I don't wanna know.



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