Phil Hardison

Phie Hardison






1. Where did you learn English?

I picked it up. I was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan. My mom is Japanese (She has British accent) and my dad is Polish American. My dad left me and my mom when I was little. So NO ONE RAISED ME IN ENGLISH. I picked it up in a street and from TV show MisFits. Plus, I stayed at Redondo beach, CA for one month 2 years ago but that's all. 


2. Is it your real name?

Unfortunately, yes. My parents were so optimist when they gave me English / French name. It is freaking hard to live in Japan with this name. So here's tips from me: Don't give your child UNJAPANESE NAME if you're going to raise your child in Japan. Having UNJAPANESE LAST NAME is also not good. I've being discriminated for 23 years because of my name, I'm sure.


3. Why you so weird?

Because I don't care anything at all, I think. 


4. Why you so difficult?

Yes, I must look difficult cuz I don't fuck with you.

Okay, well, seriously, I was kind a 5 years old girl crying in a bed thinking about the end of the world and after death. When I was in high school, I was thinking "What is a meaning of meaning?" and I concluded this question with the answer "There's no meaning in meaning."

My brain's universe, WHY NOT DIFFICULT?


5... Damn there were only 4 questions...