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-----WARNING----- My English sucks. ------------------------ First thing first, I work at a bar in a small street.In the street, people know each other even they're from different bar or nightclubs. You see people you know in all nightclub…

6 Party Tips in Vegas (For Broke People)

1. Drink Before You Go Out Buying drinks in Vegas is super expensive. The most expensive drink I ordered there was a screw driver that costs 20 bucks. I saw someone was charged 45 bucks for one shot of tequila. Get out the strip and go to …

5 Japanese Tattoo Fails by "Foreigners"

I'm confused guys. I am confused. And depressed at the same time. Why foreigners always have a weird Japanese tattoo which is super lame and obviously failed? // For people who don't know me, hey it's Hardison. I was born and raised in Jap…